28.09 Helsinki leg of their European tour 2017


The Hostiles (UK)
The Hostiles are a ska-punk band from Ayr, Scotland, described by Punktastic.com as ‘upbeat, effervescent, bouncy and danceable’. Reflecting the transatlantic origins of the band members themselves, their sound introduces sunny US ska-punk to slamming Scottish ska-core, dragging the best of both of these musical worlds kicking and screaming onto the stage. The Hostiles’ live show is detonated by the meeting of these highly-combustible
elements, underpinned by the two-pronged brass backbone of double trombone, and the band’s relentless drive to perform. Since releasing their debut album in 2009, The Hostiles have played hundreds of gigs and captured cult followings in Scotland, England and far beyond.
The Apollonians
The Apollonians is a recent addition to the active ska scene in
Helsinki. The group was formed in mid-2016 by four members of the ska band Tirehtöörit, where they played together for more than 10 years. This background is evident in The Apollonians’ music, with a more direct and international style compared to its predecessor.
In addition to British ska and rocksteady, The Apollonians’ musical style includes elements from reggae and 90s American punk rock. Important influencers include The Slackers, Rancid, The Specials, and The Valkyrians. In early 2017, The Apollonians played their first shows at Semifinal and Tavastia Club in Helsinki, with a raving reception.
Rough Patches (UK)
Acoustic/weird punk from Scotland! Songs about small mistakes, big regrets!
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