Rebecca Clamp

Rebecca Clamp

Rebecca Clamp is a singer songwriter pianist originally from Cambridge (UK) but now living in Finland. Noted for her passionate voice and idiosyncratic piano playing, she has a style which is entirely her own. Rebecca’s quirky lyrics examine the everyday from unusual perspectives: she draws you into a world where mobile phones run away to join nunneries and bearded female saints appear at five in the morning to give you advice on your love life. Her lyrical world is rich with the minutiae of life; insects, origami boats, smiles, and cigarette smoke in a beams of light all flicker through her songs.

Her intimate and truthful performances take you through the whole range of emotions.
She’s been compared to Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, Susan Vega, amongst others but her favourite was when a huge Mafioso looking Italian came up to her after a gig in Helsinki, kissed her on both cheeks and told her she was like ‘Marianne Faithfull without the drugs’.

Bookings / Contact

Booking contact:
Daniel Beech
SW Agency
+358 (0) 443229930

Label contact:
Nick Butcher
Folkwit Records
+44 (0) 7858 389 685


Nocturnal Leap (2005)

Key To The City (2011)

Communion (2014)

Lit Up With Sorrow (2017)



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