KrashKarma return to Finland

KrashKarma, the duo that has been labelled as “THE WHITE STRIPES OF METAL” are conquering the scene of heavy music worldwide. With over 600 shows under their belt and 2 full length records, the band from Los Angeles has quickly risen through the ranks establishing themselves as one of the hottest touring acts.
Niki Skistimas (vocals, drums) and Ralf Dietel (vocals, guitars) draw their intensive strength from generations of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative and Punk bands. Fans of heavy guitar-driven music continue to be impressed and excited by their unique style.
The commanding sound that is carried by Ralf’s Frankenstein Guitar/Bass creation and his urgent shouts combined with Niki’s soothing but sinful voice and pounding rhythm, deliver an urgency that doesn’t seem to fit into any pre-existing genres. The broad spectrum of media coverage and the constantly euphoric reviews underline that KRASHKARMA not only have infiltrated the scene of heavy music, but also have what it takes to become megastars in the rock’n’roll circus.

Support in Tampere come from The Fërtility Cült. A band of astral travellers and planewalkers fulfilling pledges to preternatural cosmic cow deities and hypersensual fertility priestesses channeling aural psychotropic revelations from time immemorial through subterranean cults of clandestine rites of fervent nefarious fluid exchanges taking place in ancient isthmic necropolises inhabited by keepers of arcane legacies of feline-headed copulatress hierophants practicing idolatry of lascivious demiurge vixens while listening to Black Sabbath.

Support in Helsinki comes from Fumble, a melodic punk rock band from Helsinki, which started its rock’n’roll adventure 1992 in Olari suburb’s booming skateboarding scene. The heavyweight D.I.Y. attitude of the band has produced a small pile of E.P’s and two full length albums. The latest one, “Incomplete” was recorded fully in the studio the band build themselves. The construction took more than 6 months. When the album was done, Fumble was evicted and they had to tear down the studio. It took three months.
Played several sweaty shows in Finland and around Europe, Fumble also went for a tour in Thailand 2016-2017. This wicked idea was also documented in a weekly-attachment “NYT” of a biggest Finnish newspaper.
Known for its catchy tunes and exploding live shows, Fumble will release a new album in 2018 and continue its seemingly never ending journey through the DIY-punk rock wonderland.

Thursday 26th April – Jack the Rooster, Tampere Facebook event page
Friday 27th April – Semifinal, Helsinki Facebook event page