SW Agency rock out with a mini tour of the rockiest bands we work with

Destiny Ocean consists of four voyagers on a quest to find the eternal essence of rock ’n’ roll. Their music is an energetic compilation of hard-driven guitar riffs, ear-catching melodies and epic vocal harmonies. Their songs pay tribute to the great rock legends of the 70’s and 80’s with influences from modern pop. The band was founded in the fall of 2005 and ever since they’ve forged their own unique musical presentation and created jaw-dropping live performances.
Over the years the band has toured mainly the Finnish capital area, but the band are determined to be recognised abroad. Currently working on their debut album which is expected to be released during 2018.

Known for their “out of control” live shows, Fresh Tides’ bring their supernova like heat from the smallest and dirtiest to the largest and most famous clubs! Founded in 2015 the band is composed of 4 core members with varying backgrounds and influences. This fusion of different styles is what keeps them fresh and experimenting with multiple traditional ways of making music to make something new. Glistening guitar melodies, infectious grooves, funky-ass bass lines and a passionate vocal performance are at the forefront of Fresh Tides’ sound.
Despite their young age and fairly recent rise in the Finnish music scene, Fresh Tides have an impressive record. Playing sold out shows, enjoying shady airtime deals on many international radio stations, clubs playing their music to the masses, offers from the UK and America upon releasing their debut EP (Daydream) and a single (Act Cool) before their first year was over.
2016 saw the band gain a notable fan base and record another EP (Sun Set Asunder) in the legendary Soundtrack Studios in Magnusborg, Porvoo. By this point it was clear that they were a force to be reckoned with. Bigger and badder shows in and outside their hometown left the audience craving for more. By July, they were back in the studio making more music and released their biggest single ‘Starts, Chances, etc.’. Which again caught the eye of many radio hosts and receiving titles such as ‘song of the week’ on the biggest radio station in Finland, YleX. But the boys were not done, haha no, sir!
A new single ‘Jumpstart’ hit the fans early in 2017. 2018 will see the release of more new material.
Tampere only:
Humanwires is a rock-trio, which was founded in 2010 in Tampere. The band’s music has been defined as “post-grunge”, but we’re not that good with specific genres, so let’s just call it rock. However, Humanwires is so underground that only a few have heard of them, so indie that they play everything by themselves and so garage that they rehearse in a garage.
The story began when Janne (guitars / vocals) and Jussi (bass) met each other in 2009 on a dark autumn evening. They were competing in a music contest called OC has talent which was arranged in an irish pub named O’Connell’s in Tampere. Jussi was so amazed by Janne’s ability to do two things at the same time that he decided to contact Janne after the competition. Worst enemies became best friends and they began their musical collaboration. At this point the thought of a rock trio was merely a light breeze at the edge of the universe.
In the beginning Janne and Jussi only did acoustic guitar gigs together. In time the need for a proper band grew more and more apparent, and for this they needed a drummer. Jussi decided to ask for his little brother Kalle to take on the job as a percussion-specialist in the band. Kalle approved the offer, provided that the band would only play great music. Kalle still hasn’t left the band, which should tell something about the quality of the music.
From the summer of 2010 Humanwires has been writing new songs, recording and publishing both audio and video material on a regular basis. The band plays live-shows whenever a possibility for one presents itself.


Wednesday 9th May – Maanalainen – Tampere (FI) Facebook event page
Thursday 10th May – Semifinal – Helsinki (FI) Facebook event page
Friday 11th May – Red Emperor Bar – Tallinn (EE) Facebook event page
Saturday 12th May – Cafe Leningrad – Riga (LT) Facebook event page